web design

Nowadays, dynamic pages has become famous. Database & Them donate an awful strength to the sites.

A Dynamic page is a page in which made for answering to the user request & the most of its content are prepared from a database. The page that was desire of person made just by choosing some choice via users . This kind of pages presented the ability of speedy access into a huge volume of information to the users & also presented speed simple ways of updating the information to the host of sites. Because only information of database are able to change & update , not a hundred different pages. Dynamic page hasn’t real existence & they only made based on user desire. For producing this sort of pages, some technology are used such as .net, cold fusion, jsp , asp , php & perl. These are the possibilities of dynamic web page designing:

  • Advanced & automatic possibilities like articles & news management
  • Production management
  • Catalogs & essays management
  • Visitor statistic
  • Gallery management
  • Questioning management
  • Simple, online management with website updating at a moment
  • A lot of pages & parts with no limitation
  • And a lot of facilities that you want & you need